Since the launch of the International Seminar on Forest Landscape Restoration in 2015, the seminar has provided opportunities for restoration practitioners from around the globe to connect with each other and with the domestic US Forest Service.

As part of our initiative to continue to foster our community engagement with each of you; our participants, speakers, organizations, and networks, we have launched our new Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) Alumni Network. Due to the unprecedented times we live in with the COVID-19 pandemic, the FLR team is dedicated to creating a space where alums and other natural resource managers can gather and meet virtually to exchange ideas.

The FLR Seminar team invites you to join our network to reconnect with each other, reminisce of our times in Portland, Bend and John Day, Oregon, to remember the good times and shared laughter we all experienced while learning from each other about landscape management, to seedling and nurseries, controlled burns, and community engagement.