The International Programs Forest Landscape Restoration team invites you to join our Forest Landscape Restoration Network (FLR Network) to connect globally with restoration practitioners and to facilitate the exchange of resources, information, and restoration stories to help the community grow and learn from each other.  We are committed  to creating a space where FLR leaders and other natural resource managers can gather virtually and exchange ideas.

FLR Alumni News and Upcoming Events


The Recording is In!

The FLR Network team would love to thank our colleagues with GROWN and the Beyond Trees Network in collaborating to get this webinar together. We would also like to thank our amazing presenters for sharing their thought provoking and inspiring stories with our participants; Nancy Sonti and Sarah Hines with the USFS Baltimore Urban Field Station, Nicole Harmelin with Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparaja A.C., Mary Perpetua Kwakuyi with Goshen Global Vision, and Peepal Baba (once again) from the Give Me Tree’s Trust. We would lastly like to extend our thanks to all of our participants who were able to devote a portion of their day to attend and help make this webinar a success.

The Urban Landscape Restoration and Equity webinar can be found here: 


The Recording is in!

The FLR Network team would like to thank Alison Holt for moderating today’s session, our presenters from WADI and ICARDA for their fascinating presentations, and huge thank you for those who joined the conversation with all the thought-provoking questions. We would also like to thank our partner, GROWN, who have helped us in moderating and creating this successful three piece mini-series exploring these new facets in landscape restoration. 

The WADI recording is available in English here:

The FLR Network team is already brainstorming our next project so stay tuned! Also, if you have a restoration project that you are proud of and you think would benefit the members of the FLR Network, feel free to reach out to the team to get the conversation started. Maybe we can feature your organization’s work on the website, through social media, or even an upcoming webinar.


The Recording is in!

The FLR Network team would like give a big thanks to Karma Bouazza and Majd Khashan from LRI for helping develop and plan these presentations. We would also like to thank our presenters, Abdo Nassar, Joelle Salameh, Samara P. El-Haddad for sharing their amazing stories with the participants who joined us. We look forward to our next session which will be held on 11/10/2021 with WADI for Sustainable Ecological Development – register now!

The LRI recording is available in English here: 

The WADI session will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, 11/10/2021 at 9:00AM EST. You must pre-register for the zoom meeting before you can attend.


The Recordings are In!

The FLR Network would love to thank our moderator, Anthony S. Davis, our presenters Alison Holt, Karma Bouazza, Bethanie Walder, and Jeremy Pinto and everyone who took the time out of their day to join us for the first iteration of our GROWN partnership mini series on “New Ideas on Nurseries, Restoration, and Community Engagement”. We got a lot of great feedback from some of our participants and we are looking forward to the next part of our mini-series headlined by the Lebanon Restoration Initiative on 10/27/2021.

Recordings are available in English and French:


New Partnership Announcement! FLR Network is partnering with GROWN

The FLR is proud to announce that it is partnering with the Global Resource Network for Nurseries (GROWN)! We are looking forward to collaborations in the future to provide a broader audience of stakeholders with new resources, additional information, and inspiring stories aimed at landscape restoration worldwide.

Keep on the lookout for future announcements from this new and exciting partnership!


FLR Partner Event: Beyond Trees presents People, Pollution, and Phytoremediation: What to do about Worldwide Waste?

In recent decades, rapid rise in urbanization, population growth and human activities have led to ecological degradation and significant health impacts related to polluted air, soils, and water. One of the consequences of these three trends is increased generation of residential and industrial wastes, which can make the management of waste sites challenging. What does this mean for communities and for the environment worldwide. Water bodies, soil and air are contaminated. People living near or around landfills suffer greatly. Are we too late in addressing the ramifications of unmanaged landfills? Join panelists from the U.S. Forest Service and other international organizations to discuss what to do about worldwide waste?

Panel discussion will take place on September 24, 2021, at 1000 EST, and you must register here in advance in order to attend the session.


The Recordings are In!
The FLR Network team would love to thank our presenters Nino Bregadze, Natela Lagurashvili, and Revaz Bejashvili for telling us the story of Krstanisi Forest Park and how local youth led protection and restoration efforts. Additional thanks to our translator, Nanuli Chkoidze for her assistance during the webinar. Finally, we wanted to thank all the participants who tuned in and asked questions of our presenters.
These webinars really are a group effort and we’re so grateful for everyone’s hard work and participation.

You can find the recordings of the presentation in both English and Georgian using the links below.
English –
Georgian –


Join the FLR Alumni Network on Facebook!
We are happy to announce the official launch of the Forest Landscape Restoration Network Facebook group! Please join our online community of restoration practitioners as we discuss current events, member success stories, and challenges we’re facing and engage with each other in real time over these different topics. The FLR Network admins also hope to disseminate resources through the Facebook group as well so we hope you will join in on the conversation.


Partner-run e-learning opportunity: FAO has recently released an e-learning course on Monitoring Forest and Landscape Restoration based on “The Road to Restoration” guide published by the FAO and World Resources Institute. The training is approximately 45 minutes long and is available to anyone interested in FLR; all you need to do is register an account with the FAO website.

You may access this e-learning opportunity and others on the FAO e-learning Academy website.

Sharing Your Stories

The FLR Alumni Network will be a unique opportunity for members to discuss challenges and successes. In addition to recorded webinars, where select alumni will describe projects in detail and answer questions, this page will also allow participants to provide brief write-ups, share photos, and or provide interesting project status updates for the benefit of others.

Please submit your stories to Martin Wester,

Recent Stories

FLR Network, GROWN, and the Beyond Trees Network: Urban Landscape Restoration and Equity, 4/22/2022
This virtual panel discussion includes presentations from Nancy Sonti and Sarah Hines with the USFS Baltimore Urban Field Station, Nicole Harmelin with Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparaja A.C., Mary Perpetua Kwakuyi with Goshen Global Vision, and Peepal Baba (once again) from the Give Me Tree’s Trust.
Recorded Webinar:


FLR Network and GROWN: New Ideas on Nurseries, Restoration, and Community Engagement, 10/21/2021
This virtual panel discussion includes presentations from Alison Holt, who gives some remarks on the GROWN network; Karma Bouazza, who discusses the Target Plant Concept and native nursery best practices; Bethanie Walder, who discusses SER’s mission and  methodologies in building restoration capacity; and Jeremy Pinto, who discusses balancing the need for restoration with indigenous traditional ecological knowledge, science, and community.
English Recorded Webinar Link:
French Recorded Webinar Link:


Forest Restoration: A Path to Recovery and Well Being, 3/18/2021
This virtual panel discussion includes presentations from Craig Beatty of the World Wildlife Fund who provides a global update on restoration, Mireille Jazi of the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative who discusses gender and community engagement, and Peepal Boba, who discusses his experience with urban restoration in India.
English Recorded Webinar Link:
Spanish Recorded Webinar Link:


2020 International Seminar on Forest Landscape Restoration, 10/27/2020
This webinar includes presentations from Dr. Quddus of the Arannayk Foundation covering how their how Green Life project survived COVID, and Maje Egento of the Philippine Eagle Foundation covering their work in Davao City.
Recorded Webinar Link: